If interest be called passion, inasmuch as the whole individuality, to the neglect of all other actual or possible interests and claims, is devoted to an object with every fibre of volition, concentrating all its desires and powers upon it — we may affirm absolutely that nothing great in the World has been accomplished without passion.


A quest for excellence

After an intense career in commerce, with quality as a leitmotiv, the longing for a project in harmony with our environment to create a nectar elaborated with passion and exigency, made us settle in Montpeyroux.

Our vines are located at an exceptional site which meets our expectations of a terroir with excellent weather conditions, characteristic of the foothills of Larzac.

Domaine du Joncas, Montpeyroux, Mount Saint-Baudille

All that was left was to passionately make the wine of true enthusiasts.

Vignoble du domaine, Montpeyroux

Quality versus Quantity

Our domaine had intentionally been kept small so that a single person can carry out the work.

Everything is certified in ‘Organic Farming’ by Ecocert and in Biodynamics by Demeter.

The area of 9.5 ha is composed of Syrah, Grenache Noir, Mourvedre, Cinsault, Grenache gris and Riesling.

biodynamic wine demeter

More than organic wine

We obtained our biodynamics certification in the beginning of 2011.

Just as high gastronomy develops the most subtle flavours, biodynamics allows to extract the gustative potentialities of the vineyard and its terroir with the deepest respect for Nature. Our aim is to create wines of the highest purity, well balanced and from preserved terroir, to the benefit of those who will taste them.

A vineyard of Domaine du Joncas, Languedoc

Biodynamics is a rigorous scientific method, modern alchemy, the art at the service of the earth.

  • Cultivation: no pesticides, no herbicides, no chemical fertilizers, almost all of the work is carried out by ourselves.
  • Soil: worked on the surface and bio-energised; in winter colza, rye and vetch are sown in order to form green manure that is mowed and dug into the soil in spring.
  • Manual harvest: into boxes, carried out in the morning in order to pick grapes before they overheat. The afternoon is devoted to sorting grapes, de-stemming and placing them in the vat.
  • Vinification: supervised but not guided fermentation, long maceration.
  • Maturing: one cuvée is matured in an egg vat, another one 50% in the egg vat and 50% in a french oak vat.

Cellar of Domaine du Joncas, Montpeyroux (34, France)